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assuming Marshall McLuhan is correct and the transmission of content is more powerful than the content itself, then the world is becoming more repetitive and our perception of time will become shorter and things will move more quickly in short bursts and these will be replaced just as fast with equally repetitive and exciting content and our attention spans will decrease as our expectations for stimuli media are halved and halved more and more every year month week day hour minute second

assuming Snapchat and Instagram are the most popular social media sites right now with the most hip ‘connected’ relevant cool exciting attractive miraculous amazing smartphone users, then the most mainstream rung of the population will become further transformed by the obsessive media using boomerang videos simple language curt gestures double tapping friendly liked content

this content be transmitted in temporary spurts amplifies the fact of life seeming short after all of it and it flashes before your eyes and its over

jk not rly here i am sry


boomerang videos on instagram are literally short and quick repetitive videos breaking down moments into a binary where life can be reduced to widened eyes and a sudden turn of the wrist and we watch over and over again to discern the relationship between before and after and realize the occasion for posting and be impressed by the digital display of real life in unnerving looping moments back and forth being nauseated distinguishing the two parts of the repeating stream to understand how it captures one moment and sends one message ad nauseam

the leading types of new media use repetition to capture life thus life will become more repetitive as we relate our life experiences to seeing/recording/showing our lives with repetitive videos to be posted for all our peers to see in a very limited time frame and not  ever again so life is short and easily replaceable homogeneous ; we have a short amount of time to witness the seconds-long mirroring video gifs and we think what things we could do that might be apt for being duplicated many times instantaneously

I provided no examples of possible content for these posts and I only used brand names and modes of cultural content transmission because McLuhan’s theory is proven further since modes of transmission and mediums have all been consolidated into a single tech device and now all content will be more and more the same since it is being sent and recieved through one channel with one device that is one medium and the distinctions of mediums blurs and categories of different modes do not exist any longer and it’s all the same because it’s all being coded into the internet and consumed through a touchscreen language is unnecessary