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Saying “regardless of your politics…” actually means “This is really gonna piss some of you off”


So cute Observbhisodn almost last day of novemeber 17 fuck da world

the weakest set of words in human language: ‘Litter Enforcement Area’

first acute observations may two seventeen

I’ve been hearing the word ‘acute’ a lot lately, many times, numerous scenarios medical sarcastic insulting condescending spiteful joking and so to increase the acuity of ‘acute’ i will now post and distribute more instances of the word ‘acute’ being said at this moment in time for history linguistics statisticians historians doctors compilers seekers boredom superfluity exaggeration representation inequality banality acuteness i am acutely aware of my cute word play


i have noticed many people wearing long sleeved apparel today outside walking on the street it is not very hot today and the wind is blowing very much so more no global warming please acute observation tomorrow what are your acute moments leave your accruing acute actions reactions occurring currently in the comments