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If your boyfriend/girlfriend ever says to you, ‘Well, I mean, I would be sad if you died,’ then your relationship is most certainly over


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television commercials are not art television commercials need to die out now television commercials are irrelevant and it is so obvious television commercials are so desperate please go extinct no one will miss you buh bye car companies phone carriers new pharmaceuticals with unending side effects insurance god fuck off insurance fuck off hard go the fuck away all of them have stupid slogans that mean nothing literally are the most vague contradicting broad dull bullshit see ya dipshits go read a book

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Summer song ‘Nothin On You’¬†¬†sounds exactly like an old Coldplay song ‘The Scientist’

I’m glad to know I’m not the only one aware of the unoriginal garbage and blandness produced by popular culture and popular music

yawn on both artists lol ‘artists’ more like copying machines