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Saying “regardless of your politics…” actually means “This is really gonna piss some of you off”


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I am ready to masturbate! Happy valentine’s day! and my prayers and condolences to the victims of the mass shooting in Florida today. God has a plan. We are with you.

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there is entirely too much content in this world right now and no one knows what to do about it

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Net Neutrality was repealed today.

The Trump Admin’s plan to tax grad student tuition waivers and end public service student loan reprieve programs along with the end of net neutrality rules seems as though that (and this might sound like a conspiracy theory) they are trying to stamp out smart people and intelligent liberals and minorities altogether. Less people being able to afford a higher education in the liberal education system means less smart people of liberal leaning which means less opponents to conservatism and racist trump policies and less smart people means less voting to oust such politicians who make harmful policies; smart people vote (i hope, gawd, i hope, i vote). Ending net neutrality and possibly letting ISPs control which types of content are promoted and blocked means (andĀ Ajit Pai is former employee of Verizon and a republican) that dissenting voices and media outlets could be shut out or minimized in the overall scheme of internet communication thus making the propaganda and soft power of conservatism easier to reach and turn citizens in their favor if citizens aren’t shown the other side just as easily.

Although, we were already pretty divided politically on the internet with net neutrality enacted. I’ve also read articles (with a conservative bend) that net neutrality doesn’t do much and nothing will really change. We’ll see.

But if the internet wasn’t broken, why fix it? I don’t see what was so wrong about the internet while net neutrality was in place and I don’t see how Obama’s policies were hindering the innovation and popularity of the internet.

So is this just a legacy thing of Trump directing his peeps to just reverse everything Obama did? Maybe, I think he’s pretty vain. And I didn’t vote for him. Never once supported him. Never even considered it. Bernie.

If I were to stretch this theory really far and show a morbid vision of the future, I can see maybe all this liberal education brain drain and internet suppression as meant to pave the way for a trump authoritarian regime that increasingly, harshly censors the media, punishes dissenters, and rigs courts and our democracy in its favor and its continuity, no matter how long and stupid it becomes.


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the weakest set of words in human language: ‘Litter Enforcement Area’